With Adriann Barrett and Rachel Packard

A Weekly Podcast about Everything and Nothing

We are two women who work together and have ADHD and now have become great nuerospicy friends who also talk too much information all the time.

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Recent Episodes

What People Say

Funny girls who also do too much TMI but that’s okay

John Hill

Funny girls, you can definitely tell they have ADHD

Hillary Rice

I love following these two thru there crazy lifes

Julia Michelle

Meet Your Hosts

Adriann Barrett

Hey guys! I am Adriann Mother, late diagnosed with ADHD true crime theorist, enjoys dark humor, and a total nerd about anything pokemon and Star wars I can talk about for hours on end. Come enjoy our crazy rollercoaster we call life.

Rachel Packard

I’m a freaking awesome dog mom to two little girls. I’m always too hot at night because they cuddle extensively. I wear a crown sometimes cause I’m fabulous. Amazon link below if you wanna be fabulous like me!